Office of the Carroll County, Indiana
Prosecuting Attorney
 Robert T. Ives

Deferral and Diversion

Deferral and Diversion are programs wherein the person charged enters into a written agreement with the Prosecuting Attorney to fulfill certain condition and maintain a law-abiding life for a defined period of time.  If the defendant successfully completes the progam the charges are dismissed.  Conditions may include payment of restitution, completion of a counseling or training program, and communty service.  Fees for each program at paid to the Carroll County clerk in an amount set by the Indiana legislature.


If you have received a traffic ticket and you would like to know if you are eligible for the Deferral Program, please call Hillary Smith at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office: 765-564-4514.  If it is determined you are eligible for the program the fee is $189.50.


Minor misdemeanor criminal offense are sometimes handled through Diversion.  However, this occurs only after the Defendant has attended his Initial Hearing and waived his right to an attorney OR after the defendant has acquired an attorney to be certain the defendant has been properly advised of his rights.  The fee for the Diversion program is $330.00.
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